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eXe FNPS in the HMX Christmas Royale

Here we go again! Team eXecute’s Fortnite Pro Squad (FNPS) just competed in last Saturday’s Christmas Royale hosted by HMX Gaming. The tournament is a mini-games-esque 1v1 skirmish in the Playground mode of Fortnite. 
Our very own Shakesanity carried the eXe banner and got through after the first round.

Here are the details of the previous tournament:

Christmas Royale
Prize Pool: 2800 VBucks + Christmas Llama Plushie
When: December 8, 2018
Time: 4:00 PM
Participants: 32 Players

1v1 Skirmish Battles in Playgrounds. Your non-typical 1v1 is back! New unique Battle Modes where players’ skills and mastery of the game will be tested. Say Goodbye to Build Battles and Get Ready to Have A Merry “GG” Christmas

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