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2019 and The Road Going Forward

It’s 2019 everyone! The post is a bit late, but it is going to be a big year for Team eXecute. A long road awaits but we’ll be ready for it. Here’s what we’ve got coming.

Branding Update

We’re bringing a subtle change to our logo, adding in a black outline to make it blend easier in various backgrounds:

Fortnite Team Changes

Last year, we acquired a competitive Fortnite team with the help of Genoxiv. He will be now moving to an org management position.

Today, we’re officially making Temper and Shakesanity the heads of our Fortnite pro squad (FNPS). From managing players to in-game shot calls. Hearing rumors of an emerging Fortnite Philippine pro scene, it makes sense to take things to the next level and bring focus on team building.

Dota 2 Rebuild

With our Dota 2 squads, we’re rebuilding the competitive roster from the ground up. Blossom, who unexpectedly appeared on live TV last year, is in contact with a few teams to do scrims and train the team.

Discord Server Going Public

The rise of Discord use is astounding. We’ll be making the Team eXecute Discord server public to gain a big following and enhance our loving community. It will allow us to hold more scrims and giveaways.

Team eXecute Merchandise

Everyone seems to have their own merch these days. We’re also looking to have some for this year after missing out on 2018.

New Games and Teams

For 2019, we’re looking to expand into more esport titles. Stay tuned here on our website for updates.

Team eXecute fighting!

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