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RetroZila becomes Team eXecute's First Video Game Streamer!

Video game streaming has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. With Fortnite, Ninja just became a household name. So, to get a share in that space, Team eXecute will be acquiring a few talents to carry our banner to the things that they have already been doing.

First off, we are officially announcing RetroZila, former Hitman player turned streamer, to come in and join our ever growing family!

Here’s a few words from him:

Gaming has and always will have my unconditional love. Sleepless-night-grinds are of no stranger to me as they are to many of us #gamersdedication.
Thank you to Team eXecute for having me come on as a Video Game Streamer.
This serves as a great opportunity for myself as I will be able to share what I enjoy doing with people whom I love.
I am an MMORPG fanatic so majority of the gameplay that I will be streaming will be comprised of games like Black Desert Online, Maplestory, Sea of Thieves etc. but with the occasional touch of FPS games like CS:GO,
Fortnite, Apex Legends as they too hold a place in my heart.
That’s all I can say for now. Thanks again and I am looking forward to the future. Go Team eXecute!

Mhykl Nieves aka RetroZila

We’re happy to see the direction our team is going. And as mentioned in our 2019 journey, there are still more things to come!

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