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Team eXecute Fortnite’s 1st Tournament

Team eXecute was fortunate enough to have competed in the Fortnite Springs Tournament, the first official Fortnite tournament to hit the Philippines. The event was organized by, in collaboration with ggLeap, and held in their branches namely: C5, FTI, Tuktukan, Onyx, Bicutan, Pasig, Las Pinas, CAA, Kalentong, and Marikina. It was held last April 6 and had 150+ total attendees. This prize pool for this tournament was $10,000.

The mechanics of the tournament are as follows:

(1) Players were to purchase tournament passes from and play at any of, the branches. (2) A player with a pass was entitled to play 3 games during the qualifiers.

(3) Players were tasked to accumulate enough points vis a vis their criteria (figure 1.0) to qualify for the finals.
(4) Qualified players were to compete in all 4 rounds of the finals with a chance to win $2000 if placed 1st, or $500 if placed 2nd.  

More detailed tournament mechanics can be found here

Figure 1.0

Top 52 points
Top 102 points
Top 253 points

Team eXecute Fortnite Roster:

Shakesanity, Temper, Mich, Laliz, Serudo


The qualifiers were comprised of a total of 9 games with each participating player having 3 attempts at obtaining as many points as possible in order to qualify for the finals. Only the top 100 players, based on the average total accumulated points for all rounds, were to qualify for the finals.

The qualifiers started off rough with players playing with extremely high latency whilst a handful experienced hardware problems rendering the matches unplayable for some. In the succeeding rounds, some of the technical difficulties experienced were resolved however few still fell victim to unplayable conditions.

eXe Player Scoop

Unfortunately, one of Team eXecute’s players (Laliz), suffered from extreme hardware performance drops which resulted in his inability to play the game consistently. Despite the disadvantage and not qualifying for the finals, he still managed to bag 4 Solo Arena wins in preparation for the upcoming Fortnite World Cup.

On the contrary, the rest of the team managed to pull through. Shakesanity and Temper managed to come out on top in the leaderboards in the CAA branch whilst Serudo and Mich managed to just-about squeeze themselves into the list of qualified players.

Team Results

  • Shakesanity – 29
  • Temper – 20
  • Mich – 4
  • Laliz – 1
  • Serudo – 4


Games intensified as only the top 100 players from the competition were left to battle it out in the 4 remaining rounds of the tournament. Majority of the players who qualified were of top tier quality and many of the unqualified players stayed to watch the select few fight for a chance to bring home a portion of the $10,000 prize pool. Players no longer had to fight to accumulate points but instead had to compete to place either 1st or 2nd.

The competition was tough and with growing tensions, in addition to the undesirable technical issues that still persisted, it rendered some players unable to play at the top of their game. Nonetheless, majority still did their best to try to overcome said hurdles.

eXe Player Scoop

Fortunately, Team eXecute had 4 out of its 5 players competing for a chance to get their hands on that $10,000. However, to no avail, the team was not able to place high enough during the 4 rounds.

Team Results (Placements)

  • Shakesanity – Top 20
  • Temper – Top 15
  • Mich – Top 30
  • Serudo – Top 30

*placements are based on the average of the 4 games.

Nevertheless, Team eXecute managed to performed well and exceed expectations. Overall, the organization is happy with the outcome. Despite the unfavorable playing conditions, and this being the 1st competitive tournament for the Fortnite Roster, the team continues to look to make a name for themselves. We may not have bagged the wins this time round but we learned a lot and are ready for the next one.

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