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TEAMEXECUTE.ORG is our new secondary domain name

Obviously, you already know that EXE.GG is what you type in the address bar to visit our website. We used to live on as the .com address has already been taken for a few years now.

As of today, we’re formally announcing TEAMEXECUTE.ORG now belongs to us and the .co domain will be deprecated. Since we are a small esports organization, it actually makes sense to have this name over the other.

The new domain name will serve as a redirect to our website. It’s easier to have more options. It’s also convenient to verbally share it to other people.

While the official name of our team is Team eXecute, we’ll be sticking with EXE.GG to be our main domain name as having a 3-character TLD is not an easy feat.

2020 is just around the corner and more exciting news will be coming for the team. Stay tuned!

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