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Join us on Execute Ragnarok Online

Need a dose of nostalgia? Embark a journey through Midgard with Execute Ragnarok Online!

ExeRO is a newly launched Ragnarok Online server that brings a vanilla experience with a few minor additions.

Classic Ragnarok Gameplay

Enjoy Ragnarok the way it’s meant to be played. No major modifications, no overpowered custom items, no stupid features.

No Easy Overups

Refined eluniums and oridecons are not easily accessible. Farming of elu and ori to form them is needed. Refined elus and oris and only be used from +7 to prevent saturation of market.

Community Oriented Server

Weekly quests are given to the server which when finished provide either EXP/Drop increase for the whole server or items which may be claimed.

No Dual Log-In/Botting

ExecuteRO aims to reward the most hard working and skilled individuals. No forms of cheating, botting, use of macros will be tolerated. Players seen in-game are real life individuals who love playing RO as much as you.

Balanced Cash System

Farming is the best way to get the best items. Cash Shop only provides Premium Membership, stylish cosmetics, or consumables.

Revamped MVP system

Gone are the days when you can solo kill an MVP with just a Champion or a Pally. Full party members or guilds are required to take down the MVP and be rewarded with the fruits of their labor with MVP drops.

Visit to play!

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